Business Storage

At Brooklyn Storage, we understand the pressure businesses are facing in this economy. Our professional staff has experience helping companies of all sizes find storage solutions, right here in Brooklyn.

Reasons You May Need Business Storage:

  • Office renovation: Keep your business operating during a renovation by storing office equipment, furniture and other business items to protect them during a renovation.
  • Inventory and equipment storage: Secure extra inventory, office equipment, computers, or furniture until needed.
  • Alternative to expansion: No budget for expanding your office? No problem—put your unnecessary equipment in storage to increase your square footage without buying real estate.
  • Moving office: Moving a business can be a long-term process with several steps. Stagger your move by putting items in storage to ensure that the move doesn’t slow down your operations.
  • Seasonal storage: Keep off-season inventory such as holiday displays and promotional items in storage until you need them.