Frequently Asked Questions

What is “self-storage”?

Self storage is a flexible storage arrangement that offers customers unique access to their stored goods. Each customer is provided with his or her own private unit. Customers have 24/7 access to their units and the opportunity to bring in, take out or move the contents of their units as they wish.

What is the difference between warehouse storage and self storage?

In warehouse storage, the moving and storage company retains complete control over your room. If you wish to view or access your goods, you must make an appointment to do so, while a warehouse representative is present. Hours are restrictive. In self storage, basically, it is your room and your key! You can visit your goods unsupervised; and the liability for your goods is yours.

How do you estimate the size of my unit?

It starts with a list of contents, provided by you, the client. Based on that list and our experience, we can convert the items listed into units of volume. Then, based on that volume – and any other needs you may have, we can determine the room size that will work best for you. We now offer a convenient Storage Calculator that will do all the work for, just drag and drop the item icons and the calculator will provide you with a suggested unit size to suit your needs.

What kind of documentation is required to reserve a unit?

One of the following forms of identification; state issued identification card, drivers license, passport, or military ID.

Are my goods insured?

Generally, self storage facilities will not take responsibility for the items in your unit, due to the fact that you retain control of its contents at all times. However, at Brooklyn Storage we will supply you with several affordable insurance options.

What are some other expenses I might incur, other than monthly rent?

In addition to your monthly rent, you might be asked to pay a one month deposit and you may be charged for a padlock. Some facilities may also charge a fee for the set-up of your account. (Brooklyn Storage does not!) And there may also be a holding charge, if you intend to move your goods.

How long can I store my belongings in Brookyln Storage?

There’s no limit, just talk to one of our Storage Consultants for applicable rates and other options. There is also no time limit for loading or unloading your Brooklyn Storage unit.

Once my stuff has been placed in storage, can I access my belongings in my Brooklyn Storage unit?

Of course. Our storage facility is open for you to access your belongings whenever you need them. Please check our Locations for hours and contact information.

Do you operate on weekends?

Brookyln Storage will do anything possible to meet your schedule, so unlike most moving and storage companies, we offer pick-up and delivery seven days a week.

Can I get packing assistance and supplies if I need them?

Our fully trained trained staff of movers is always available to assist you with packing and moving.

If I’ve miscalculated and need a second unit, will I be able to rent one quickly?

Only in extreme circumstances will our Relocation Consultants not be able to accommodate your needs. We will always work to provide you with any support and supplies necessary to help you complete your project. Just give our representatives a call.

Will my belongings be protected once they are in Brooklyn Storage?

Brooklyn Storage’s facilities are designed with 24-7 on-premises security, CCTV cameras, temperature control and fire suppression systems – all to ensure that your belongings remain safe and secure.

Do I need to give you notice when I move out?

A 10-day notice is required prior to moving out.