Packing & Organizing

Think packing and organizing your items for storage is a headache? Think again! Here are some helpful tips for making the job easier:

  • Work with one room at a time, sorting items into various piles such as: store, donate, recycle and trash.
  • Fill valuable space inside drawers with small items such as towels, linens and toys.
  • Break down large items such as bed frames, tables and large furniture. Remember to keep all small parts (screws, bolts, etc.) together by taping them to the item.
  • Wrap furniture legs with protective bubble wrap, padding or moving blankets to prevent scratching.
  • Label boxes on all sides for easy identification once they are stacked in your unit.
  • Make sure to place fragile boxes on top of heavier, sturdier boxes.
  • Be careful not to over-pack boxes so that they are too heavy to carry safely.
  • Mark items “front” which should be placed at the front of your storage unit for easy access.
  • Use packing tape to seal boxes tightly and prevent dust from entering.
  • Use furniture covers or moving pads to keep items off the floor of the unit.
  • Do not store anything flammable (such as paint or other  chemicals) or perishable.
  • Secure your unit with a lock. Brooklyn Storage has high-quality locks, such as the disk lock, available for purchase.

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